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I was born in Nairobi and back then the services were good, the city was affordable and all round great environment to work and live. But now it has become one of the most expensive cities in Africa.  In fact, Nairobi  is more expensive for its own people and workers and i can dare say it is comparable to cities in Europe like Athens, Florence  Belgrade and more.

Why is the city so damn expensive yet the services are poor and even worse than it was when the cost of living was reasonable? Nearly 2.6 million people live in informal settlements. Less than a fifth of these have access to piped water, which means relying on expensive informal water vendors that sometimes sell from contaminated sources.

Is Nairobi now the city for the rich? Rapid urban growth is compounding these problems, resulting in overcrowded low-income settlements with little access to water and hygienic sanitation. The impact on health is profound, with children in these settlements more than twice as likely to die before their fifth birthday than those born in other areas of the city.

In Nairobi, day laborers make roughly $50 per month, but a decent meal for an ordinary Nairobian costs $3.62, and a two-bedroom apartment is $300, So how did Nairobi get so costly?

Do not be ignorant its time we start demanding better and quality services to match the ever rising cost of living.


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