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In a continent still suffering from the unemployment scourge, art has been emerging as a new asset class for the well-diversified portfolio. The returns are enough to catch anyone’s eye globally. The world’s elite have been intense when it comes to investing money in the world of contemporary art. Art is more often than not a sound investment, and can lead to high returns if you choose the correct pieces and Africa should not lose out to Milan, Paris and Florence.

Much of the contemporary art seen today speaks about the political, socio-economic and societal issues faced by today’s society. It is a way to speak out and the voices of the present, which will show future generations how the world was during the time of the artist. You will have a piece of visual history to hang on your walls for years to come, Africa has that in abundance.

I encourage all the young people with artistic talent to display their jobs out there. Social media has given them a free platform to do this. The art market is always in flux, but you will find that after a certain amount of years your painting or sculpture will be worth more than the initial cost, and you will be able to cash in on your intelligent investment and work towards your next one.



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