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One has to be honest and face facts that cultural appropriation has various definitions, people have different opinions on exactly what cultural appropriation is. One scenario one can refer to is simple, you are with a neighbor and have a relatively great relationship, your kids get along fine and you invite each other for dinner, say halo every morning and then along the way you notice something about your neighbor which is they start copying you. Your neighbor copies the way you dress, talk and walk or even eat, one way or the other you will be quite uncomfortable with this and at some point it becomes wrong. Being careless with culture can ruin relationships since culture is deep and personal. People have gone as far as referring to cultural appropriation as theft however; it is so hard to see it in action thus the various definitions.

To put it in a much clear perspective cultural appropriation is when a person picks an aspect of a culture that does not belong to them and use it for themselves out of context. This whole controversy about cultural appropriation just keeps coming up, people have different view on this issue and some believe it exists and some believe it does not. For instance, if a person outside the Asian community opens a sushi restaurant it would be considered odd because when you think about sushi the first picture that will come in your mind is Japan, this because every situation is unique and that is what makes this topic really difficult.

Can Caucasian or “white” movie directors like Quentin Tarantino write movies based on African American stories like “Django Unchained” ?. Well they can because let’s face it everybody has a right to freedom of speech so white script writers can write about whatever they choose but what they have to do is get prepared for major scrutiny and backlash from the diverse community who may feel aggrieved and refer to them as culture vultures.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery but at the same time what happens if it is not so flattering? This comes to show that cultural appropriation can be positive at the same time negative. The more you learn about the world and the people in it the quicker you learn that we are diverse and different in various ways. A dominant group borrowing from a minority group fashion, eating habits and music may seem minor but it’s a serious issue to the minority who in most cases feel stigmatized for their cultural practices throughout history.


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