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World_Passport_CoverThere is a point at which you may find yourself so at odds with your country, over its policies, its people or other matters that you no longer want to be a citizen. Which passport should you travel under if you leave? I researched and found out that a group has created a solution for such a scenario: the World Passport, which doesn’t explicitly label you as a citizen of any nation.

I have always considered myself as a world citizen since i still believe that the world is a global village. Knowing each and every country’s culture is the most beautiful thing that can happen to a human being. I am even supporting Sweden at the upcoming world cup yet i am a Kenyan hahaha. I for one im uncomfortable that the majority of the population is willing to justify the murder of unarmed  youths by the Kenyan law-enforcement agencies, that alone would make me seek mental asylum as i always call it anywhere i would feel at peace even Somalia because i do not see the difference between us and Somalia, well at least the police in Somalia do not kill their own people, they actually protect their own.

The World Government was created in 1951 by Garry Davis, who considered himself to be the first world citizen. The philosophy of the World Government, a nonprofit organization, is that boundaries and laws in different countries do not affect human rights. While it may draw some disgruntled Kenyan citizens, it says its main mission is to provide license for stateless refugees to travel. In a country where i do not feel protected by the organ which is supposed to protect me, i feel like a refugee and stateless.



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