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Cop22.jpgAfrica is widely held to be highly vulnerable to future climate change and Ethiopia and Kenya are often cited as one of the most extreme examples.  Acting on the climate should be firmly on the global agenda. It remained a top priority for all but one of the G20 leaders who gathered in Germany. That is because it is increasingly clear that strong action is in the economic self-interest of countries at all stages of development e.g China who have a firm grip on Africa now.

Kenya is building Africa’s largest wind farm at Lake Turkana, planned to be fully operational later this year. Its construction has created more than 2,000 local jobs since October 2014. But will this be enough to curb climate change? the Nairobi Dam dried up, the floods killed dozens of people and the once beautiful Nairobi river is now an eye sore

Africa is highly diverse, with parts of the continent experiencing rapid social and economic change, while others are not. At the same time, much of the continent is expected to be exposed to the impacts of climate change and increasingly likely to contribute to it. Perhaps most strikingly, population is projected to increase by the end of the century. Its either we wake up or destroy our climate.


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