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say-no-to-corruption-19ec693dd0fa60bbdc0f9c36d9fdb07e Kenya is widely considered among the world’s most corrupt countries, a factor seen as contributing to the stalled development and impoverishment of many Kenyans. Of the ten countries considered most corrupt in the world, Kenya is high in the ranks, according to Transparency International, a leading global watchdog on corruption.

Corruption in Kenya ranges from high-level political graft on the scale of millions of dollars to low-level bribes to police officers or customs officials. While political graft imposes the largest direct financial cost on a country, petty bribes have a long term effect on basic institutions and undermine public trust in the government. Over 90% of Kenyans yes 90% have paid bribes to access public services that should have been freely available, that should be the case in a country with a promising future.

The thriving of corruption also affects the political process. I mean its obvious many public officials in Kenya seek reelection because holding office gives them access to the state’s coffers, as well as immunity from prosecution. Kenya made an arrest today which to be honest shocked me but was a great sign however, is this to make the people calm down and protect Uhuru Kenyatta’s legacy or it is a sign of positive things to come.

The anti-corruption commission’s work has also languished. Its former head, John Githongo,was the last really effective head of the anti corruption commission, he  uncovered evidence that a nonexistent company called Anglo Leasing was awarded several huge government contracts. The scandal reached the highest levels of the Kenyan cabinet and cost the country as much as $1 billion.

Kenya needs intense restructuring of government institutions , the executive and the judiciary.


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  1. It is hard to read about the corruption that exists within the government on such a large scale. A government who are to be for the people of its country give the impression the people don’t matter, even though it is the people who elect these corrupt politicians. People need to rise up and say they will not allow this any further. If not, this will be a cycle for generations to come.


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