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What is religion ladies and gentlemen? Religion is the set of beliefs and practices that define the relations between human being and sacred being whether you are a christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or Sikh.  Well religion was brought to Africa officially by the Europeans who believed there was only one God.

Many have argued that we Africans had different gods who we prayed to like for instance the Kikuyu tribe of Kenya believed in Mount Kenya, there are also west African gods such as Shango, Orishas and Abassi who we believed in before being introduced to the bible and the holy Quran.

With the Bible came problems in my opinion, the bible came with ethnic divide, corruption, murder and all sought of society ills in Africa . Civil wars in Africa are renowned for their strong religious backgrounds especially between the Christians and the Muslims. The war in Sierra Leone of 1991 to 2002 had significant religious dimensions. The Boko Haram in the Nigerian North are fighting for Islam to be the main religion in the country and let us not forget the war in the Sudan which was primarily between the Muslims in the North and the Christians in the South.

Our African preachers have turned themselves into semi gods who brainwash their congregations into giving up their lives in the hope of some sought of miracle. Take for instance Pastor Gilbert Deya who stole children from Kenyatta National Hospital and took them to London calling them “Miracle babies”.

Nigerian Pastor Tim Omotoso of the Jesus Dominion International Church in Durban, South Africa,  was accused of assaulting 30 female members of his congregation! On the false excuse of rescuing them from drugs, Omotoso told them to live with him, then proceeded to have unprotected sex with them.

The reason why this happens is because the church and mosques in Africa, put pastors and Imams on a pedestal. We see them as demigods, that should never be criticized or judged. I mean how can a man tell you to kill people in the name of Allah and with the promises of 100 virgins in heaven and you fall for that? case in point Al Shabab and Boko Haram

We adore them, worship them, and their word is law. Most people can not even dream of trying to contradict their preachers.

Take a minute to imagine that kind of power, it is intoxicating and capable of turning anyone’s head. It is no surprise that most preachers fall, take advantage of it and do the most unimaginable things with it. Wake up afriCAN and be empowered.


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