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Interracial dating in 1940s London was met with difficulties. Friends of Ruth’s parents would cross the street to avoid meeting her and she was often insulted when out with Seretse. The attitude was that if a white girl was out with a black man, she couldn’t be respectable.

Still, despite the challenges they faced, Seretse felt certain he wanted Ruth as his wife and nearly a year after they started dating asked her: “Ruth, do you think you could love me?” She didn’t need to say yes, Seretse said when interviewed by the BBC. “The light in her sky-blue eyes and the smile on her face told me what I wanted to know.”

This taught me one lesson, a woman can make a man be a better person. A man can be a movement alone but when with the right woman he is a force to be reckoned with. This was pretty evident in Seretse’s case because despite the challenges he managed to overcome it and became the president of Botswana.

Respect your woman, never give up on her, treat her with respect and cherish her because she is your support system which can lead a man to greatness. Khama did not realize who he was going to be when just a student in London, but Ruth drove him to greatness by being his support system through the challenges, trials and tribulations.

All relationships have challenges as you can see in this historical piece, as Seretse said “But in matters of love the heart is seldom ruled by skin colouring,”. “She did love me, and I knew that this was the woman I wanted for my wife – the woman I wanted to be my helpmate in bringing guidance and knowledge to my people in Botswana.”

The message is clear, face challenges but never give up, how you overcome it is what that matters at the end of the day.


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