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4effff5398b13b476604d4d8450bedfd_XLWhen we think of politics in Africa the first thing you picture is the elite class, billionaires and legacies. Such as those in the country clubs and the fancy restaurants, rarely we think of much more than services to the people.

But like anything, there’s a dark side to these elite politicians.

A sinister side of secret societies that thrive on mayhem, mystery, conspiracies and “dining”… or more commonly known as drinking!

Yet, despite the rumours and whispers about these often elitist secretive clubs, what actually happens behind closed doors is largely unknown, which only adds to the allure.

The mere fact that these people appoint their kins to powerful positions such as ministers, cabinet secretaries and members of powerful boards speaks volumes. They are not here to serve the people and offer services like clean water and jobs, is that so much to ask for?

Lets look at Gabon for instance, their president Ali Bongo, a stockily-built 57-year-old, is variously known by his initials ABO, Ali B and the less flattering “Monsieur Fils” — “Mr. Son”. This is because he is the son to former president  Omar Bongo. His father, who came to power in 1967 upon the death of Gabon’s first post-independence leader, was serving in the French armed forces at the time of Ali’s birth. Gabon is sitting on oil, minerals and tropical timber, and its per-capita national income is four times greater than that of most sub-Saharan nations so there is no way power will come out of the Bongo family unless the people of Gabon make their voices heard.

Omar Bongo liked to claim that the two children who worked for him were only there because of their talent, and not due to nepotism, he thinks we are stupid if im to put it blatantly. That is one case study screaming “CULT”

In Equatorial Guinea,  we see the vice president Teodrin Nguema on Instagram @teddynguema the username showing off his riches yet the people of oil rich Equatorial Guinea suffer in silence, living on one dollar a day. His father, the president of Equitorial Guinea Teodoro Obiang Nguema is one of the most corrupt leaders in the world and the cabinet is full of his kins and like minded leaders.

Botswana one of the fastest growing economies in the world is also a family business where the Khama’s hold powerful positions of power. Kenya is also some sought of monarchy where the Kenyatta family and their cronies hold all the powers and influence the way the country is run.

We should not let secret societies in the political elite manipulate the poor, the vulnerable, citizens and the economy and blame it on other issues such as inflation. They want to feed their families and leave our families hungry with no clean water.

It is widely recognized that there are many cult-like organizations all around us, largely operating under the radar. And contrary to what many believe, a group doesn’t have to be religious to use cult-like methods.

What do you think, are our leaders in Africa in secret societies benefiting them and their families? African leaders have turned their countries into their financial coffers which benefits their families, doesn’t that translate to being a secret society where their families and cronies are members?

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