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Love and Politics

I was born in Kenya where the mantra was peace love and harmony.

In primary school I was given free milk though we had a tyrant as a leader.

My bus fare to home was only 5 Kenyan shillings to and fro.

In a matatu called “Hotwax” full of art and great music from my favorite rapper BIG L.

Those were the golden 90s where there was peace love and harmony.



I was born in a housing project in Nairobi west

My neighbors were Kikuyu, Luo, Indians and Rwandese

My best friend was called Junior who is now a successful artist in London under the name “kiboko Hachiyon”

He was a kikuyu.

My other neighbors were Boi, Juni, Brathe, Dave, Njeri, Shiro, Perpetua, Allan and Kevin

We all came from different tribes but we never gave a fuck about that, all we knew is we are friends and our Tribe is Kenya.

Now it’s different, my country is literally divided along tribal lines.

We vote for leaders who come from our tribe and not merit.

Our great grandfathers worked their asses off and fought for independence together as (Kenyans) not as a Kikuyu, Luo or Kalenjin.



Love is the reason we got independence.

Love is the reason the Mau Mau rebellion had an effect in the liberation war.

Love is relaxing and a way to meditate.

Love builds nations.

Love binds the nation and strengthens it.

Love is the religion I believe in.

Love is the reason I do this.

This is because my queen inspires me and pushes me when I am hopeless.

Misunderstandings are inevitable but what binds us is the love.

We both love this country and we want to see it grow.

When I am without her, the walls close in on me.

But together our love will make us and the country grow.afriCAN (29)


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