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Kenya needs superman now, nothing will help us but him at the moment or maybe Batman any marvel comics’ superhero should offer to save us from our leaders please (for free) because all our money is siphoned by them anyway.

What is happening in Kenya was bound to happen, censoring the media was something catastrophic i could never imagine in this great State. Communist countries are the ones responsible of stopping the free flow of information, but even in Kenya now censorship issues keep some news from reaching us. However, with the explosion of citizen journalism and internet platforms, the truth has to get out eventually.

Media control was something i only saw on TV in countries like North Korea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cuba and Venezuela.  I could even brag how lucky we are to have a democratic state with respect to the people’s rights. In countries such as Hungary, Ecuador, Turkey, and sadly now Kenya, officials are mimicking autocracies like Russia, Iran, or China by gagging critical news and building state media brands. They are also creating more subtle tools to complement the blunt instruments of attacking journalists.

In Kenya, the state regulatory authority has switched off Citizen TV and Nation TV , the most popular channels in the country, after a treason claim against it was made by the Minister of Internal Security following airing the much anticipated swearing in of Raila Odinga . The channel has been off the air for two days starting in January 30 2018. Kenyan journalists say that self-censorship and politics are rife in the decision.

Comrades what we are seeing in Kenya is sad , a dark cloud hanging in our country at the moment. On one side we have a President who is serving his last term and has nothing to lose, a President who could do whatever the fuck he wants at the moment and on the other hand we have an old politician who is clutching at straws knowing this is his last chance.

Dangerous combination right, ladies and gentlemen across the globe Kenya has two presidents; much as it sounds comical it’s a very dangerous situation to be in at the moment.

We are officially the Soviet Republic of Kenya, only thing missing was President Uhuru Kenyatta announcing media control with army fatigue and a cigar in his mouth broadcasting via a big screen in the middle of Nairobi.

The question is why did he do that? Is it because he never wanted the world to know that we are certainly a divided country along tribal lines? Is it because he wanted to kill the hype concerning Raila Odinga’s swearing in? Or was it a show of might?

Anybody has their perception on why he did this but the fact remains that this is the most stupid thing Fidel Castro ohhh!!! Sorry my bad Uhuru Kenyatta did as a head of state in this country. He totally violated the constitution and this bold move has all the elements of dictatorship. For instance, we the citizens of Kenya do not enjoy any liberty or rights under dictatorship, our freedom of information has completely violated. The people were also not allowed any liberty of speech, association and press. In the words of Mussolini “people do not want liberty but they want law and order. P.s i learnt that during my European History class in high school hahaha.

On the other hand our opposition leader Raila Odinga yesterday ohhhh boyyy!! that was a free Eddy Murphy stand up gig, close to a million people showed up for his swearing in ceremony that was disorganized, insecure and comical. To show you how this man is getting desperate, his own principals never showed up.

However yesterday i respected the man, he showed up, that showed balls of steel and believe it or not also showed the passion and love he has for this country. This sadly was also the worst decision Raila Odinga has made in his entire life and I’m sure he woke up regretting. It also marked the beginning of the end for Raila Odinga.

But it also made me realize that Raila Amollo Odinga is a true revolutionary leader with clout, a revolutionary leader is the servant of the masses and Raila showing up displayed that quality. The question however should remain if he is doing this with Kenya at heart or for selfish gains i.e power.

As for Kenyans we should dare to struggle, dare to win, be courageous in battle, and fear no sacrifice. If we are able to be hard and resolute we will make it. We should not allow our leaders to divide us and deny us our rights based on their own selfish needs.

Our leaders have a circle, a secret society and they want to manipulate us the Kenyans and blame it on the media. Is the media responsible for unemployment,Poverty, Poor Health and Corruption? this shit is bigger than the media and i told you.






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