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Well Friday was a milestone in Kenya’s history, we witnessed the first ever election declared null and void in Africa. Justice Maranga in an authoritative tone said “he only fears God” and gave the ruling shortly after.

I really hope all Kenyans witnessed tribalism in 3D, Raila Odinga’s supporters in Kisumu were so jubilant and the city was at a stand still, businesses were closed and the annoying sounds made by boda bodas ran riot the rest of the afternoon to the wee hours of Saturday morning, how I wish we were jubilant like that after our athletes scoop gold medals or when Wangari Maathai won the Nobel peace prize.

On the other hand, “the Kingdom of Gatundu” was quiet as a church on a Monday morning, there was disappointment and a lot of tribalistic slurs were evident on social media between the Luos and the Kikuyus. The president went ahead and threatened the Supreme Court judge which is against the constitution he swore to defend.

If the people of Kenya were not so blinded and brainwashed by Odingaism and Kenyattaism, they will realize what they were celebrating and mourning over was misguided. This petition exposed us to the whole world and I mean “THE WHOLE WORLD” since CNN, France24, Al Jazeera, Swedish Radio, name them, all ensured they had us on a scope and waiting for the verdict.

This verdict showed us how systems do not work in this country, from the executive to the normal Wanjiku, Patel, Wafula, Keino and Onyango. We have seen the extent people are willing to take to keep power within a particular circle, now the world has seen how Kenya cannot even conduct an election which is something not to celebrate but to be ashamed of, something to be embarrassed of, and something to cover your face for

I have a dream that one day Kenyans will go to rehab and detox from Odingaism and Kenyattaism, I have a dream that Kenyans will one day elect a leader who has the will of the people at heart, who will work for the people and be a servant to the people. I have a dream that a poor kid who struggled to educate himself through scholarships and sponsors will one day take this country to greater heights. I do have a dream that also the leader will hire a conference hall at KICC or any other huge conference room for the trial of all the known agents of corruption, ask them to refund the money and use that money to improve our public schools, upgrade our slums, give people over 60 years old allowances and take care of our environment.

I would like to remind Kenyans that a constitution exists to protect rights, not undermine them, it also provides for freedom and rights to do ANYTHING within the law of the land. Most importantly the constitution is colorblind and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.


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