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The interest in black history is immense; black history is a subject that can interest black (and non-black) people, particularly the youth. It is a subject that enables people from all races to see and learn about the culture and our political sphere. Black history in the broadest sense includes the contributions of black people to development of history and civilization. It includes the contributions of black people to the development of the arts, technology and the sciences, industry and world trade,  religion and philosophy.

Technological change all over the world has given room to the emergence of social media which is used as a tool to advocate for change in the country. Social media is also a forum for people to raise concerns about issues and discuss the present political situation. The Arab spring and the “indignados” in Spain are just two examples of this.

I do believe that this movement will be an important medium for the young people to know the people who fought for them to be free, and for Kenya to exist. An open forum like this one will be the perfect medium for them to listen to and reflect on the political situation of the country and Kenya’s history.


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